About TAS Communications

Established in 1947, TAS Communications specializes in customizable call center solutions, serving a diverse client base with a focus on reliability and innovation.


Our journey through the years

TAS Communications began in 1947 as a small call center in Madison and has grown into an award-winning industry leader with over 400 clients. Our success is built on a foundation of continuous innovation, client-focused solutions, and a deep understanding of the evolving communication landscape.

Over the decades, we’ve expanded our services to include a wide range of industries, always prioritizing a human-centric approach over automation. Our commitment to network reliability and staff expertise ensures we meet the demands of a dynamic market. Today, TAS Communications stands as a testament to enduring quality and adaptable, forward-thinking service.

Guided by experience and a vision for excellence, our leadership team is the driving force behind TAS Communications’ success and innovation.

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Join hands with Madison’s own premier call center and let’s make every conversation count.